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Are Crowns Safe in Petaluma CA Area
February 5th, 2024

Dental Crown Advice: Common Dental Crown Problems and Remedies

Your dentist will likely recommend a crown when there isn’t enough tooth structure left to support a filling or inlay. Dental crowns are also a safe and excellent solution when your tooth has been significantly weakened by a crack, previous dental work, etc. Dental crowns reinforce a damaged tooth and prevent it from further damage.  […]

How Long Does Porcelain Crowns Last in Petaluma CA Area
July 7th, 2023

A Look into How You Can Help Your Dental Crown Last Longer

Porcelain dental crowns are an incredibly versatile dental solution that can not only be used for restorative purposes but also for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the reason, you may wonder how long you can expect your dental crown to last before being replaced. Dr. Yvonne Szyperski and the team at North Bay Smiles in Petaluma, California, can provide information […]