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The services offered by Dr. Yvonne Szyperski are not just for adults. Our staff is happy to help kids develop improved oral hygiene habits and dental health, too; preventing tooth decay, even in non-permanent baby teeth, helps secure the future oral health of a child well into adulthood. North Bay Smiles provides children’s dentistry procedures in Petaluma, Cotati, and Rhonert Park.

Fluoride Treatments

Because they are still learning proper oral hygiene habits, children often need help keeping their teeth healthy. Our Petaluma dentist can do this by offering fluoride treatments at the end of a standard evaluation and cleaning.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that makes teeth more resilient to the acid produced by that oral bacteria. Fluoride is present in most public water supplies through state health initiatives. The process of fluoridation that is instituted at water treatment plants help increase the concentration of fluoride in water to levels that are beneficial to your dentition. Even with this exposure to fluoride in the water they drink, kids can still find themselves struggling to prevent cavities. As someone trained and experienced in kid’s dentistry, our Petaluma dentist can provide a higher-concentration fluoride solution as part of your child’s dental exam and cleaning.


Dr. Szyperski also uses the application of sealants as a part of children’s dental treatments.

A sealant is liquid plastic which, after hardening, forms a hard, protective shield on the chewing surface of a bicuspid or molar. Because of the surface texture bicuspids and molars have and the amount of chewing they tend to do, food debris and bacteria can often build up and erode the surfaces of these back teeth. Children are at particular risk of developing cavities in this manner because they are still learning to brush and floss and their baby teeth are less mineralized than adult teeth. Often, children are not able to fully remove the plaque and food debris from these teeth during their oral hygiene routine. By covering pits on the chewing surface with a sealant, our Petaluma dentist helps prevent the cavities which result from insufficient at-home care.

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North Bay Smiles serves Petaluma, Cotati, and Rhonert Park with kid’s dentistry. Of course, children’s dentistry is one of the many comprehensive services Dr. Szyperski provides. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.