Patient Safety – Covid-19 Dental Treatment Protocols

Our patients’ health is of the utmost importance to us. Below are some of the precautionary measures taken at our dental practice to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the safety measures in our practice to better protect our patients against the corona virus, please contact us at (707) 306-8001 or email us at as we value your feedback.

For your upcoming appointment, please be prepared to answer a mandatory screening questionnaire on arrival.

Air HEPA filtration system in every room
HEPA filtration system to filter and purify the air in every room
External oral suction with 4 layers of filtration including UVE
An external oral suction method comprising 4 layers of filtration including UVE
Fogging to disinfect office after every patient
Fogging in between every patient to disinfect office
Isolite System- complete dental isolation system
Isolite, complete dental isolation system, for improved patient safety and comfort
Temperature check and isolation in the waiting room
A plexiglass partition separates reception from the waiting room. Only one patient at a time in the waiting room where temperature checks are also done.
The best possible PPE equipment for the entire staff
Entire staff kitted out in the highest-quality PPE gear

Hygiene and safety protocols followed at North Bay Smiles explained by Dr. Yvonne Szyperski

Is it safe to visit a dentist during COVID19? If you are someone living in Petaluma, CA, and looking for a dentist who is following the approved safety and hygiene protocols, North Bay Smiles is the place to check out. Watch this video to learn more about all the Hygiene and safety protocols implemented at North Bay Smiles.

Hygiene and safety protocols followed at North Bay Smiles

Hi, my name is Dr. Yvonne Szyperski, and I am the owner of North Bay Smiles, Petaluma, CA. I would like to share with you the COVID 19 protocols.

Upon entering the office with your mask on. You will have your temperature checked and asked a few specific COVID-related questions.

Before entering the treatment room, you can choose to wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer. We have all patients do a hydrogen peroxide rinse after removing their masks.

We use external oral suction when using the ultra-sonic scaler and during your cleaning and when the doctor uses a handpiece. This is to protect the team from the aerosols being generated during these procedures.

You may also hear us using an aerosol device to fog our rooms. That contains hypochlorous. Hypochlorous is an electrolyte saltwater that kills bacteria and viruses, and COVID is among them. The rooms are sprayed to kill any viruses in the air and the treatment rooms.

We also use hypochlorous to decontaminate ourselves. We wear double masks and a face shield. We plan on continuing this protocol even after the pandemic comes to an end.

Everyone, please stay safe, and thank you for letting us take care of you.