Stop decay and restore your smile with discrete composite dental fillings in Petaluma, CA

If you have cavities, you may be nervous about getting a dental filling. Many dentists use metal fillings that stand out when you smile or speak. At North Bay Smiles, we offer composite dental fillings for patients in the Petaluma, CA area, to repair the teeth and brighten their smile.

Composite fillings for tooth restoration

Composite fillings are a metal-free, tooth-colored resin filling that can restore teeth that are cracked or damaged by decay. These make great front teeth fillings because they can be matched to your teeth’s natural shade to blend in perfectly with your smile. With proper care, these sturdy restorations can last for over ten years.

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Before & After results of Composite Fillings treatment Petaluma, CA



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If you need a cavity filled, Dr. Szyperski can make short work of it. Removing decay and filling your cavity can take as little as 15 minutes, and the entire process is pain-free. Not everyone loves the dentist, but patients with dental anxiety and phobias can rest assured we will take every measure to make them feel comfortable, including sedation dentistry.

Cosmetic applications

In addition to repairing damaged teeth, Dr. Szyperski also utilizes composite fillings to improve the appearance of her patient’s teeth. Resin filling is easy to shape and mold, and it can be used to hide chips, cracks, and other imperfections on your teeth. It can also hide discoloration caused by weakened enamel and disguise misshaped teeth or small gaps. This is one of the most cost-effective methods of improving the appearance of your smile, and it can be done in a single visit.

Dental bonding may not be as sturdy as porcelain, but the price and ease of use make it a premier choice for patients that want to improve their teeth. Caring for them is as simple as maintaining good brushing and flossing habits. For the most part, you can stick to your favorite foods, but you should be wary about biting into apples and other hard fruits and veggies. Instead, consider slicing your raw foods into bite-sized pieces to prevent chipping.

North Bay Smiles is proud to offer our services to patients in the Petaluma, CA, area. Contact our office today at (707) 306-8001 to schedule your appointment and learn more about how we can help your oral health.