Oral hygiene care at every stage of life in Petaluma, CA

From the time we are babies until our older years, our mouths undergo many incredible changes and our oral health needs are different at each life stage. At North Bay Smiles in Petaluma, CA, Dr. Yvonne Szyperski and our team of dental professionals tailor every facet of your dental care to your specific life stage and oral health needs. The foundation of a healthy smile starts with great oral hygiene, so we focus on providing you and your loved ones with age-appropriate, comprehensive preventive care.

Oral hygiene for kids

Even though children’s baby teeth eventually fall out, they still play many important roles in a child’s development. From learning how to say words properly and preserving enough space for adult teeth to grow in straight to giving your child confidence in their smile and appearance, it is essential to keep baby teeth healthy and prevent disease and decay. Once your child’s first tooth erupts, we recommend starting routine dental visits to help set them on a path towards a lifetime of healthy smiles:

  • Early dental visits help your child establish a positive attitude about dental care so they are comfortable in the dental chair and understand the value of maintaining good oral hygiene
  • We help parents and children learn the best way to take care of the child’s teeth, demonstrating the proper brushing and flossing technique for your child’s age
  • We perform gentle teeth cleanings and preventive treatments, such as the application of fluoride or dental sealants, to help keep your child’s mouth sparkling clean and healthy

Oral hygiene for adolescents and adults

As children grow into adolescents and adults, cavities and gum disease become more common, and issues such as sports injuries, decay, and even your genetics can all lead to the need for restorative treatments such as fillings, dental crowns, inlays, or onlays. In addition, adolescents and adults may be interested in cosmetic treatments such as orthodontics to straighten teeth, porcelain veneers to hide imperfections, or professional teeth whitening for a bright, white smile. Dr. Szyperski works with each patient to identify the right treatment plan for your needs, in addition to routine oral hygiene visits to keep your smile fresh and healthy.

Oral hygiene for elderly patients

As we age, our teeth and gums begin to tell the stories of our lives. Issues such as gum disease and tooth loss become more prevalent with age, but Dr. Szyperski and the North Bay Smiles team are diligent about monitoring your oral health at routine oral hygiene visits and treating any potential issues at their earliest stage when they are easiest to address. We also offer multiple beautiful, natural-looking tooth replacement and restoration options, such as dental implants, bridges, dentures, and crowns.

Your healthiest smile

We take pride in helping patients in the Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Santa Rosa, Novato, and surrounding communities achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles. Call us at (707) 306-8001 to schedule your appointment today!