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Overcoming Fear of Dentist in Petaluma CA Area
April 15th, 2022

Experience Sedation Dentistry Our Gentle and Stress-free Approach to Dental Care

Count yourself lucky if you always visit a dentist without an ounce of hesitancy. About 30% of the patients with dental fear aren’t that lucky. These patients find it stressful to see a dentist, even for a simple procedure such as a dental cleaning. Regrettably, dental fear keeps you from receiving routine dental care, compromising […]

Fear of Dentist in Petaluma California Area
November 15th, 2021

Overcome dental anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

What’s keeping you from scheduling that important dental appointment? Is it fear? Dental anxiety affects about 36% of the population, and a further 12% suffer extreme dental fear. This condition poses a significant barrier to dental attendance, causing serious oral health repercussions for its victims. At North Bay Smiles, we offer sedation dentistry to patients to help ease dental […]